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250 Years of Pittsburgh Innovation

Not strictly about the Steelers, this 2008 video will make any Pittsburgher proud.

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Link 21 Dec Ben Roethlisberger: Truly One of the Best of His Time | Bleacher Report»

"Ben has a career QB rating of 91.5, and that’s good enough for top 10 all time." That and other persuasive facts make this article a JOY to read.

Link 21 Dec Reviewing Steelers’ Decision to Try Onside Kick - The Fifth Down Blog -»

Wow. The onside kick seemed like a boneheaded decision when it happened yesterday, but data analysis shows it was the smart call. Of course, it would have been a better call if the special teams knew what they were doing when they executed it…

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Troy Polamalu Does PSA With Obama, Spends Night At White House - Sports News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh

Generally when I see Polamalu running behind a guy I expect to see that guy hitting the ground.  Hard.  Since the someone in this video is President Obama, I’m glad he made an exception.

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Link 2 Oct Repentant Mendenhall hopes for second chance - NFL News - FOX Sports on MSN»

I wondered what the deal was with Mendenhall. I have never been impressed with him, and now I know why. Doesn’t sound like he’s got the Steeler heart in him.

Text 24 Sep Steelers Save the Planet

Come see the G20 Leaders act like the Super Bowl-winning Pittsburgh Steelers in a come-from-behind victory over global poverty, Thursday September 24 @ 10am in the Lawn Area between the 6th (Roberto Clemente) and 7th Street Bridges, in Pittsburgh’s North Shore.

Great photo opp for Steeler fans to see internationally renowned nonprofit Oxfam showing the Steelers saving the planet.  Perhaps we should be calling ourselves “Steeler Planet” instead of “Steeler Nation.”

CONTACT: Helen DaSilva,, 617-331-2984

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City of Champions (commercial) (via CommonForte) Awesome!

Video 10 Jul

Steel City of Champions (commercial) (via j22skillz) Very similar to the last one I posted, but different enough to watch in addition—i.e. awesome 2.

Text 5 Jun Pittsburgh: Model for Recovery

It’s shaping up to be a good year for Pittsburgh, with its Steelers winning the Super Bowl, its Penguins making it into the Stanley Cup finals, and the G20 economic summit being held there in September. It doesn’t get much better than that for a city many considered to be long past its glory days.

PittsburghIt just goes to show, as sports fans know, you can never count Pittsburgh out.

You’ve heard the story: Pittsburgh, smoky city behind the steel that built a nation, lost its industry to “progress.” Between 1950 and 1990, 61% of its steel jobs and half of its population left. Then over the course of the next two decades Pittsburgh reinvented itself as a 21st-century city of higher education, medicine, and technology.

Today Pittsburgh enjoys an unemployment rate far below the national average and in recent years has been named by various national publications “America’s Most Livable City,” the 10th cleanest city, and the 13th best city for young professionals to live—truly a model for what’s possible when people actively embrace change. Which of course is why the city was chosen for the summit.

But who knows anything about Pittsburgh?

Like most early American cities, Pittsburgh grew up along navigable trade routes, in its case the point where the Allegheny and the Monongahela rivers meet to form the Ohio. (You can actually see the differently colored rivers meeting in the waters just off the city’s point.) Although there are lots of other ways to ship things today, Pittsburgh is still the second busiest inland port in the United States, moving more tonnage than Philadelphia or St. Louis. Because it spans three rivers, Pittsburgh has more bridges than anywhere else in the world—three more than Venice, Italy, the so-called “City of Bridges.”

Pittsburgh was settled and built by immigrants and, like many American cities, ethnic heritage is a source of great pride. The University of Pittsburgh’s vaunted Cathedral of Learning has 27 nationality rooms to celebrate the immigrant groups that contributed to the city’s growth, and many nationalities have their own local radio programs and their own nationality day at the local amusement park. You can hear Pittsburgh’s unique assortment of immigrants — Scots-Irish, German, Italians, Croats, Poles, Slovaks, and other Eastern Europeans — in the local dialect. In Pittsburghese, “yinz” is the plural of “you,” you take the bus “dahntahn” instead of “downtown,” you “redd up the haas” instead of “tidying up the house,” and you definitely wave your “Terrible Tahl for the Stillers.”

Steeler Nation

Steeler fans waving their Terrible Towels during a gameThe Terrible Towel is a sort of household pompom fans wave to cheer the Steelers on. Pittsburghers love their sports teams. They’ll tell you everything you want to know about the 1909 Pirates, who went to the first World Series, or Bill Mazeroski’s Series-ending homer to beat the Yankees in 1960. When a Penguins game is sold out, they’ll set up their lawn chairs outside the arena to watch the game on the giant screens.

But with the Steelers, it’s like a religion. During Pittsburgh’s heyday, when its steel built the skyscrapers and battleships that made America great, its Steelers were absurdly awful. But during the city’s long decline the team became ascendant, becoming a unifying point of pride that lasts to this present day. In this ethnically, religiously, and politically diverse city, you’ll see Catholics, Presbyterians, and Greek Orthodox rushing out of church to watch the games; CFOs and cashiers wearing Polamalu jerseys to work; men and women debating whether Swann’s or Holmes’ was the better catch; Obama buttons and McCain buttons squeezed together in a touchdown hug.

Today, because of the long post-war exodus of its citizens, there are Pittsburghers in every state of the union. And they all hold a special place in their hearts for the city of their youth — or of their parents’ youth — ecstatically waving their Terrible Towels when the Steelers come to their far-away towns to play. America has become “Steeler Nation.”

If you visit

Isaly’s Klondike bars are local favorites, now available nationwide, but Primanti Brothers sandwiches and Mineo’s Pizza are still strictly local delights you’ll have to get while you’re there. Sandwiches and salads frequently have French fries inside them, and if you get no response ordering soda, try asking for pop instead. Or see if you can score a home-cooked delicacy: “barbeque” made with an ultra-thin-sliced (“chipped”) ham in a slow-cooker.

Shopping and eating

  • The Strip District - a neighborhood near downtown that is home to farmers’ markets, wholesale vendors, bars, and clubs
  • Shadyside - nice shops and restaurants
  • Squirrel Hill - where you’ll find that Mineo’s Pizza
  • South Side - home to many bars, cultural events, historic churches, eateries, and entertainment



  • Driving out of the Ft. Pitt Tunnels, the skyline is breathtaking
  • Atop Mt. Washington, looking down on the Golden Triangle and all of downtown — that’s the view at the top of this page, with the incline you should ride to the top

Finally, if you’re going to Pittsburgh for the G20 in September, and you somehow missed Super Bowl XLIII, do some homework. Here’s a five-minute summary of the game:

Link 16 Apr What Being a Pittsburgh Steeler Truly Means | Bleacher Report»
Link 16 Apr Top 10 Pittsburgh Steelers of All Time | Bleacher Report»

Do you agree that Mean Joe Green was the #1 Steeler of all time?

Link 15 Apr NFL Uses Social Media for This Year's Draft»

The NFL’s Draft 2009 “War Rooms” let fans of each team chat with each other about their team’s draft prospects etc.  Interesting detail about it from CNET’s review:

"the teams with the biggest draft-day needs, in other words, the league’s weaker franchises, have the most active forums."

Photo 30 Mar Jerome Bettis’ Absense Has Hidden Repercussions on “Fast” Willie Parker | Bleacher Report
Article about how Parker misses Bettis starts out with an interesting observation: “Tape review shows that his first step has slowed by a tangible amount, while more importantly, he’s been giving away play direction.”

Jerome Bettis’ Absense Has Hidden Repercussions on “Fast” Willie Parker | Bleacher Report

Article about how Parker misses Bettis starts out with an interesting observation: “Tape review shows that his first step has slowed by a tangible amount, while more importantly, he’s been giving away play direction.”

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